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GH BOOSTER - affect of swing in GH


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I'm guessing you mean hour span...;)

Any big swing in your water parameters can be harmful. For most parameters I believe it is suggested to look at moving it by one point of measurement per day, but I've found our Betta is a little more tolerant of slightly bigger swings over a single 24 hour period. To go up by six, maybe do it slowly through your water changes.

But....using chemicals to chase a level is fraught with dangers. It can lead to unexpected spikes and troughs, in which case you need to add more or less of something - you end up with a yo-yo as you 'chase' your perfect parameter.

Find a way to raise your GH naturally, and then keep it stable, and you should have much less issues.

I'm guessing you're not in Adelaide or the GH would be a great deal higher than 0 :) Is this rain water? If so, try treating some tap water with a water conditioner and then go 50/50 rain water and tap water - should raise your GH and you'll be able to reproduce it the same GH all the time :)

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