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  1. im in Sydney =) getting gh test kits in soon, plants are showing some calcium/magnesium deficiency. will need a gh test to confirm if its low ill be adding in those. thanks
  2. Hi, I am wondering when adding GH booster is large swings harmful to aquarium life? If so slowly should i rise the gh? For example rising the GH of 0 to a GH of 6, is a 4-6 house span enough ? Thanks
  3. Hello I have a 21L/5g? hexy midi from blueplant, they come with build in lights with the hood/cover . The problem is the light fixture is only 5watts and says only 5watts lights can be use in the fixture. Is there a solution to adding more/better lighting to the fish tank? Another one is i have a 4ft/1.2m two tube light fixture for a 4ft tank, currently it has 2 40Watts bulbs from aqua one i think. i am not sure what is the maximum rating for that light fixture but any idea where i can find better bulbs that plants will like? i am from australia and online sources will be good as well thanks =)
  4. Hi, I am from NSW starting a new fish tank community 4ftx2ftx2ft in the near future come here seeking information and will be great to gain enough information to help others one day =)
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