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Female betta bloated but showing no symptoms of swim balder!


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Hi, Everyone,

My partner and I have got two fighters in a 40 litre tank with a custom glass divider that allows the flow of water and heat to flow from both sides of the tank.

Our female has some swelling on her underbelly near her gills, She is still eating and pooping and very active, she does not have any of the symptoms of swim bladder. we don't know whats happening.

The P.h level is 7.1 and temp of tank water is 26 Celsius and is also nice and clean, we feed them a corner of a frozen blood worm tablet once a day.

She looks like she is not in pain or discomfort but still a little concerned.

thanks in advance,


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Hi Jay,

Yes she lives next door to the male fighter and she is always trying to get to him, she flairs her gills and races around after him.

He does not seem to care he just does his own thing, So that makes sense thanks mate!

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