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Hi from Qld :)


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I'm Alex, and am currently in my 2nd year at Uq vet school studying vet technology and enjoying it a lot. I live on campus so I can really only keep siamese fighters, however I thoroughly enjoy keeping them as a fish!

I currently only have one plakat in a 20L on campus, and a half-moon in a 54L at home, which I bought 3 days ago after loosing my 5 year-old betta 2 months ago. Hopefully, when time permits, I can get back into breeding.

I am also a huge goldfish hobbyist, and keep 4 large fancies in a 500L pond . I originally kept three in a 200L tank however maintenance got too difficult as they grew and I had left the task of feeding and cleaning to my mum while I was at uni- so it was a bit unfair. I miss seeing them in a tank, but a pond seems a lot more natural and definitely a lot easier to maintain, so there's more time to enjoy it.

Anyway, hope to contribute here a bit and have a good experience :) Definitely looking forward to learning some new things!

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Welcome Alex - always nice to have additional vet students on the forum and involved with the Betta community- and it's always nice to have more people who just love and keep Betta :)

5 year old! - Well done.

Plenty of good people on here - I'm sure you'll find whatever info you need, and be able to impart some yourself.

Welcome to the boards!

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Thank you, Brenton and JayM!

I got my previous and recent fish from fish chick aquatics (I believe someone is a member here?) and I've always loved the quality of fish she gets, and more importantly, how she keeps them in store. It's very nice to see the display tanks and the individual bettas mixed in with some of the other planted tanks around store :)

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