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hiiya :)


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Hi there,

My name is Hien and I am from Melbourne! I am almost a week old owner to two beautiful longfin bettas! (Blue and Red) iv been reading up on them a lot the past week and have heaps of unanswered questions and would like some advice on them! I'm a newbie at all of this, so I have no experience and decided that I want a pet fish and saw these bettas! Anyhow I thought I'd join a community to find out more about them and have my questions answered ! Thanks!!

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Almost exactly the same way I started in this :) Same colour fish too!

Firstly - Betta are a warm water fish - the bowls they are sold in at the local fish shop (LFS) is not sufficient in so many ways...not big enough, not heated, and you would need to do regular water changes (daily or every second day, depending on size).

Lots of other things to learn as well, but rather than fill your intro with this stuff, pick a question and ask away on the boards - lots of nice people here to help you with these amazing fish - but we like photos, so get some picks of you two lucky fellas and throw them up :)


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There's a fair few of us from Melbourne so plenty of help ioth locally and through the forum like the lively brenton

There is a local club vic Betta they are hosting and inter.national show in may so if your free head on down to that :)

Otherwise have a peruse around the forum ask some questions and everyone will be as helpful a

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