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Half moons, half thumb dorsals, high/super high dorsals


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows the technical definitions of Half moons, half thumb dorsals, high/super high dorsals?

I have a trio of Moscow Blue HTD's, and a trio of Platinum Red Mosaic half moons, but I'd like to know exactly what specifications are required to give them those titles.. For example, how long does a dorsal fin have to be (in ratio to the body) to be classed as HTD?

I know with Betta a half moon has to have the 180 degree tail, and I believe the edge has to be straight, but it doesn't appear that guppies require the straight edges to be classed as half moon.

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someone or les are probably some of the best people to ask about this
it's something ive wondered for a little while to but i really hard to find info on
colours are much easier to find definitions/info/genetics for than form trait but oh well
i think youll find you can find vague definitions or specifications
but anything like standards usually require you to be a member of a guppy specific forum/organisation (eg IFGA)

here's some early definitions on some traits i come across though

RREA (Real Red Eye Albino) : There are two types of red eye colors for Guppies. Red wine color red eye type is called Albino eye. The clear pink color eye is called Real Red Eye Albino, RREA

This is a high dorsal line most famous in ASIA like Thailand but will not pass in IFGA standards.

male with a basic round caudal, that has an extended flag dorsal fin. It could also probably be described as an IFGA swordtail without the sword.

and some good links


international fancy guppy association (has a show standard and extensive library for members)
might help but i think you need to join to access most of the things which may be useful... :/

guppy specific forum

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Thanks, and yes you are right, the info is extremely hard to find. I wonder if it's vague because these variations aren't IFGA standards and so there's possibly no set standards anywhere :/

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