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Just a home hobby tank :3

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I'm not a professional breeder or showcaser or anything. I love my betta veiltail. I know he's nothing like a show-quality half-moon or crowntail but he has so much personality and he's so lovely. Just wanted to share a couple of pictures. :)

The bowl tank. It's a 13L bowl but there's 12.5L of water currently. It used to have live Yellow Ivy plants. They grew roots up to the top and the whole tank just became this massive flower pot of floating leaves and dirt. :ph34r:

I got rid of the plant and just put in a couple of small fake silks. The glass bowl magnifies everything inside it, I really like this effect. There's a filter behind plant #2 and an air stone behind the first cave-rock. I had to tie a knot in the air tube to weaken it, so I'm not even sure if it still aerates the water with the little bubbles it does do. He was really happy after I put in the plants because they stopped the filter from moving the water around so much. He also sleeps on them on the surface.


Here's my fish Jasper. :D! His fins are regrowing slowly after he had ammonia burns at the pet store. I love him sooo much. He's my first betta ever. Without lights, his body looks a bit black and with blood-red fins. With lights, he reflects a blue shine between his scales so the two colours mix to make a purple aura colour. When he swims around, the blue also extends to his fins. I didn't get to see this blue colour until a week after I got him from the pet store, that was also when I made his water softer.

He's got a personality and I never expected that from a fish. He's really friendly. Sometimes I think he's way smarter than me and likes to belittle me. He's also got an apple snail tank mate.


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