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Melbourne Fancy Guppy Hobbyist


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Hello, My name is Krystie and I'm from Melbourne. I'm fairly new to guppy breeding, but I'm currently breeding two strains of fancy guppies; Moscow Green/Blue HTD, and Platinum Red Moscaic Half Moons (show grade imported from Thailand).

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Thank you for the welcome :) I woke up this morning to happily discover that my Moscows have given birth overnight! 39 fry happily swimming around in the nursery now. I'm uploading a video of the beautiful Moscow boy at the moment, but in the meantime here are some pics of my other fancy trio.

This is Blayze, my handsome Platinum Red Mosaic Half Moon

These are his two beautiful ladies, Cinder and Ember

PS. Are these images too large? In the future should I scale them down a bit more?

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hi krystie
the image size is fine :)
the fish look lovely cant wait to see some more.
alot of us dabble in other fish.
were gonna get a few of the show grade guppies after we move so we can compare pics of sexy sexy guppies :P
(currently only have endlers but i actually bought my first breeding tank with guppy fry )

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i believe most fancy lines breed pure as the effort is put to seperate them. throughout thier lifespan. eg the fish chick ones ar ekept seperate no sorority or mixed guppy tanks like the LFS. i know the offspring ive seen from someone lea trios carry all thier parents traits pure. :)

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