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Hello From Newcastle NSW


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Hi my name is Bill, I am from Newcastle NSW, to be exact, the Wallsend area, I have Guppies, Neons, Bristlenoses and Swordtails. I have 4 tanks at the moment, use to breed fish years ago and told my wife I would like to get a fish tank started again. Well that was only a few weeks ago and Maureen went away for 9 days, when she came come I was up to the 4 tanks.

She said I need to slow down a bit on the tanks, or I will be given a sleeping bag to sleep out side. In these few weeks, she is now talking to the fish like I do and helping out to maintain the tanks. She has never had freshwater tropical fish before and I think I have given her the fish bug. :rolleyes:

Well I am on the road to relearning about aqauriums, lost a couple of Swordtails yesterday, I forgot to put the lid back on and they jumped right out of the tank. Guess you can't remember enough about taking care of tropicals, so here I am joining this forum. :byebye:

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Congratulations you have skipped directly to fishkeeping level 5 which was to conscript your spouse to your hobby. You now have 67 levels opened up for you. Good job! *lol*

baha what levels are there :P

welcome to the forum plenty of info here :)

good luck hopefully you can join us in the ranks of crazy people with fish throughout the house soon enough :P

or you know just get your 4 tanks going swell and post some pretty pics :)

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