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Breeding Bettas


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Hi, My name is Jenny. I`m attemting to breed Bettas, at the moment I have 4 babies that are about 15/16 days old. I dont have much luck with Micro Worms or BBS, so I`m not sure what else I can feed them. They get Atkin`s Betta Starter 3 times a day at the moment and seem to be doing ok.

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Yay for Jenny! Welcome to the forums - now you can go check out that BBS hatching method and update with your own experiences.

Check out the spawn logs while you're here - lots of great information in there as well.

And as you little ones are only just over two weeks - feel free to add your growth size info to the fry growth chart project (link in my signature).

The people here are very friendly, and very knowledgeable. Don't be shy - jump on in :)

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Welcome Jenny

plenty of option if microworms didn't start

try vinegar eels the culture doesnt need as much checking and they are great for your fry(ragged yolk or liquidfry is also good for freshly hatced fry in a push)

As for bbs hatching is always best but some times that's difficult

Substitutes are decaps. Baby brine/instant bbs, golden pearls, fine dry foods or even frozen Rotifers or bbs (blister pack) defrosted and used sparingly

Plenty of info on here :)have a look around and hopefully we will see spawn log or your bubs soon :P

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