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our killis


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figured i should make an our killis thread like our wilds thread.
was water changing today(happens less often than oit should there a bit neglected right now)
all the killis seem to get in everyone elses section since they are in a temp tank.
any way noticed some very small killis in with the big panchax and was like oh maybe its we had more blockii our clown pancha than i thought. on closer inspection we have some decnetly grown fry.
so heres killis currently kept and any breeding activity.
its a pretty small list but there all in temp homes so once there moved i want a few more species/will be able to give them a bit more TLC.
blue panchax

golden panchax
gardneri (have fry from them just over 1 cm)
gardneri makurdi (lonely boy. we bred and raised him but hes our only makurdi)
clown panchax (have a baby from them just under one cm)
to be picked up form ash 2 australe pairs

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