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HI :)


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Well obviously I am new to the forums.

My name is Tallee, I live in Northwest NSW.

I’m currently looking into breeding Bettas. I have always seems to have a betta including one at Work – who is about to get a custom tank for my little wall!!

I have join the forum to hopefully gain help and knowledge to be able to breed successfully.

I also have a tank full of guppies which I have to somehow convince my bf to allow me to move them from my mum’s place into our place.. (working on this!!)

Not only do l live fish, I also love my horses. I have 4. My main sport that I play with them is Polocrosse but this doesn’t mean you want see me at pony club, dressage, showjumping and the Shows.

Hope to be joining you all in the forum shortly.

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Glad to have you here Tallee.

There is plenty of very knowledgeable people here who can help you out no end. Once you have the tank set up at home I'm sure your BF will love it as much as you.



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Thanks for that Zui

Im sure he will come around also. How can anyone not really?

He is agreeable to me breeding bettas I did explain that they have a lot of baby and I did tell them that all males need their own tank/jar but I didn’t tell him this in the same sentence.. so I dont think he really knows how many there is going to be all over the house :P im sure he will love me for it.

Cheers Tal

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