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    Im looking at becoming a betta breeder.
    I also love horses, play polocrosse pretty much every weekend for 6 months of the year.
  1. Ok I will check out prices for both glass and Perspex plus the tools to make. This is what I am now thinking. This allows for a little over hang. 60cm x 10cm x 25cm 10mm 1x - 600mm x 100mm - Bottom 6mm 2 x - 600mm x250mm - Long side 2x - 250mmx 88mm - Short Side 3mm 1x - 594mm x 90mm - Lid There is no way they will allow me to drill holes unfortunately and the only reason I want it on the divider and not my desk is because of the lady on the other side of the divider likes looking at him also I just figured it a good size to start with and learn. A
  2. Yeah I know but there will still be more volume of water for the poor little bugger. Don’t really aquascape anyways so thats not an issue. I might get him a java moss if he is a good boy I’m all for overhang if people think it will sit there fine? Another thing. If I was wanting to go Perspex I would need to go thinker then 4mm right? Cause 4mm of glass and Perspex is different? – a mate just put this idea in my head. I really do like complicating things don’t I. This is why I like the “sound board” we have here so we can bounce off ideas.
  3. Brenton, I just tested the sturdiness of the divider.. i shook it backwards and forwards and the water in my currently bowl hardly moved. I didn't realise they were that strong. So i have been looking at a size. Turns out it is only 9.5 wide. So i was thinking 60cm x 9.5cm x 25cm gives me 14L weighing 18kg. just have to see how much its going to cost to get the glass cut now. What type of glass do I need? tampered?
  4. Unfortunately not for the MG he passed away on me. not sure of the cause. he was from LFS. Its for my red double tail. That size sounds pretty good. was just worried how long i could go before it gets unstable.
  5. Thanks for all the info. Just so you guys get an idea of where i am wanting to put the tank. Please see pic.
  6. OK so i am thinking i want to build a tank for my desk at work for a fighter. I'm wonder if there is a ratio calculator at all. The problem i have is where i am going to put the tank it is about 12.5cm wide. So i need to know how big i can go with length and height so it doesn't tip over and stuff? I will get the glass cut for me, so that's not an issue. This will be a first time for me. but not really worried if i waste money on it and it doesn't work. Its not going to cost a great deal considering its likely to only be off cuts of glass anyways. thanks for advise in advance!
  7. Oh that simple? Does it need to be a strong air pump? Or just a 20 dollar pump ok?
  8. I just brought a new 12 bay barracks it has two blue pipe (for the filter?) i was just wondering if anyone could explain how i should hook it up. Please see pictures Sorry in advance... noob
  9. Thanks maddzvk. I will try to get some pics of him flared up tomorrow.
  10. Tallee

    HI :)

    Thanks for that Zui Im sure he will come around also. How can anyone not really? He is agreeable to me breeding bettas I did explain that they have a lot of baby and I did tell them that all males need their own tank/jar but I didn’t tell him this in the same sentence.. so I dont think he really knows how many there is going to be all over the house im sure he will love me for it. Cheers Tal
  11. This is my first post. so hopefully I manage to get everything to work correctly. So this is my betta called “Flush” – he is only a pet. Although I am looking into getting breeding stock. Flush is my fighter that stays at work to keep me sane!! - I assume he is a mustard gas colour? But like I said im a newbie? Tail im a little unsure so please feel free to let me know. I didn’t have a mirror to get him all excited to be able to get some good pictures.
  12. Tallee

    HI :)

    Well obviously I am new to the forums. My name is Tallee, I live in Northwest NSW. I’m currently looking into breeding Bettas. I have always seems to have a betta including one at Work – who is about to get a custom tank for my little wall!! I have join the forum to hopefully gain help and knowledge to be able to breed successfully. I also have a tank full of guppies which I have to somehow convince my bf to allow me to move them from my mum’s place into our place.. (working on this!!) Not only do l live fish, I also love my horses. I have 4. My main sport that I play with the
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