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Stoopid Feesh


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As some of you know I am off to France on Wednesday to watch the last 10 days of the Tour de France.

So I've been planning my water changes and tank cleans for the last month, with an eye on my departure date and knowing my fish won't receive a water change for close to 3 weeks. So today I had planned to do full tank cleans and water changes on my wild Uberis and Brownorum, then another water change on Tuesday on all tanks.

I get up this morning, put the heater in the water change barrel to heat the water up for an early afternoon water change, and have a quick look at my pairs to check on everyone and do head counts. So the Uberis, Brownorum and Burdigala (which I only picked up Monday from Fishchicks latest import) are all spawning. Stoopid fresh.

Arrgghhh! I haven't yet had a any fry from my Brownorum spawns. Knowing my luck, there'll be fry this time and I won't be home to feed BBS to the tank. I don't like the chances for the Uberis spawn as there are one month and two month old fry still in the tank with their parents. As for the Burdigala, I'm just glad the pair has settled in and the male is no longer harassing the female.

It is interesting that the Uberis and Brownorum spawn in floating drainage pipe at the surface, while the Burdigala have spawned in a small clay pot on the bottom of the tank.

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w oh no my fish are spawning.


yeah i often tell anyone that wants to breed bettas that there inconsiderate little crits.

theyll always spawn at the mopmst inappropriate time they can haha

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