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Hi from The Yarra Valley


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Hi there, just joined and living in the Yarra Valley in VIC :D/>

I've kept tropical fish for about 7 years, currently into Betta Splendens - with a 90 litre sorority girl tank (6 girls, 5 bronze corys, not sure how many red cherry shrimp!), and another solo bachelor pad tank for my little halfmoon plakat boy.

Looking forward to learning lots and seeing everyone's set ups and beautiful fish! :D/>


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the adults are actually quite large for cherries

our friend had two adult girls floating around her 8 foot tank for ages uneaten (with female fighters, discus, sharks and all sorts of other usually hungry fish) she only took them out for breeding haha

welcome to the group its an amazing time to get into splendens especially cause in september Melbourne is having its first ever IBC sanctioned show :D

have a look around theres plenty of info and lovely people on here :)

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Thanks for the welcome guys :lol: I'll try to post pics of the sorority and the lone boy soon.

The cherries have plenty of moss and hidey holes...but I will say that a certain alpha red Cambodian girl did munch my favourite big shrimp the other day :( naughty byatch!

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