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What size for first community tank?


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Hi all,

I'm thinking about branching out and getting a community tank, but I don't know how big I have to go..

I like the idea of putting in some female Betta's eventually, but I know they might be a bit hard due to the potential for aggression. What would be the minimum size tank for three girls? I assume putting in lots of plants / hiding holes is a good idea. I'd also like some tankmates - I'll probably put them in first, then add the bettas once I have the tank under control & built some confidence.

Any tips for a n00b?

I have spotted two nice enough tanks with rear sump at the local pet shop (32L and 34L respectively) that would fit well with my other tank. Would either be big enough? One is 52Wx26Hx27.5D the other is 55Wx25Hx25D. I suspect both will be too small, but I haven't found any other nice rear-sump tanks for reasonable money... Opinions?

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I started a community tank and all is pretty good so far.

It's about that size but different dimensions.

I started with planting and establishing the plants first.

Then I added fish.

Not sure about the female Betta aggression.

On a side note check out these pretty natives.

If hadn't already got a small school of Tetras these would have been pretty cool


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They look amazing! I'm going north next month but not that far, but I'll have to keep eyes open for done of those natives..

So have you gone for all live plants?

I've decided to put the community tank on hold for a while, until one of the blokes gets better and I have the chance to save for a large tank (4-6ft or something). Eyes on gumtree :)

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