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Jase from Perth


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Hey all, I decided to join the forum because a mate of mine on here Les recommended it to me...

Ive been keeping/breeding fish for 15+ years and worked in the Aquarium trade for 12+ years.

Im currently keeping and breeding the following species

Cichlids: Pulu Point Red Zebras, Taiwan Reef Red Chimotos, Electric yellows, Marbled Peacocks and Aceii msuli point..

Guppies: Red Albino Moscow guppies, Pingu Guppies and Endlers.. hopfully a few new varieties soon..

Shrimp: Crystal Red, Crystal Black, Yellow Cherries, Black Cherries, Choc Cherries, Red Cherries..

other: Apple/mystery snails brown and yellow

keeping not breeding: one Double tail Betta, and 2 Giant Bettas.

Ive currently gotn running 2x 6footers, 2x 3 footers, 3x 1000L IBCS and a few smaller tanks housing all my fish..

looking forward to sharing pics and knowledge and learning more off you guys

Cheers, JASE

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