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Fishchick - next shipment

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The next shipment from Thailand is due the week of 17th June.

Please finalise all Aquabid/private purchases and forward a list and payment ASAP.

We will continue to do private imports.

However, payment for importing and local shipping must be received before the fish are shipped.

A list of all fish and seller details must be received 10 days before shipment.

We will no longer hold fish. As soon as they clear quarantine they will be shipped.

Please ensure you are able to receive your stock.

Best regards, someone

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I just want to make sure everyone understands that FULL payment before shipping means that you must pay the Aquabid seller AND you must pay Fishchick Aquatics for the quarantine and local (Australian) shipping fees BEFORE your purchase will be cleared to leave Thailand. Previously we only paid the Aquabid seller upfront. We only paid Jodi once the fish were ready to be shipped from Brisbane to us. Now you must pay everything before they leave Thailand or they won't be included in the shipment. This change will ensure that Jodi doesn't incur quarantine and shipping costs for fish which are subsequently abandoned. Even if she managed to sell the abandoned fish she may not necessarily recoup the costs.

Let's all do the right thing and so we can all continue to enjoy this service.

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