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Hi from SOR Perth


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I'm new here, interested in adding some colour to my home with a Betta or two.. I grew up with cats (hence no fish) but have always been fascinated. My sis has a royal blue CT and after seeing 'Simon' flare I've decided to take the plunge!!

So far I've been reading lots, got a 20L divided tank with heater & filter, plants, gravel and that's it. I've treated the water but will let it age for a week or so while I find some new house guests. Hopefully a younger pair that I can watch grow :)/>

If anyone in WA can point me in the direction of a reputable breeder this side of the island I would appreciate it!

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Gday Pez

I don't know if there are to many breeders on this side of the island other than Les I am sure there is more finding them is the hard bit. I have a few pairs of plakats but haven't tried to spawn them yet (work gets in the way)and the wilds have really taken my attention away from the fancy's a bit.The boys at Aqotix always have a lot of bettas but you really cant go past someone LFS in Qld fish to date have always arrived with no problems.

Good luck with your search

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Hi irsacae,

Thanks for the tip - planning a visit to aquotix next week to look around! Have you bought cross country before? I was trying to figure if it was possible to fly fish over..

I'll try to get a hold of les too...

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