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Hi all

My name (and username) is Brenton. My wife (someone) and I hail from Adelaide and have very recently been bitten by the Betta bug. My eldest daughter had two, but had to move house so we were charged with fish sitting. The eldest finished her move a couple of weeks ago...the fish are still with us, moved into new, bigger homes, and have been joined by a third.

We keep finding ourselves in retail establishments who sell these amazing creatures, looking for additions to our family, but stock in Adeliade seems to be very low and not overly varied. So I'm looking into converting our spare room into somewhere we can raise our own, but I know nothing about the journey I'm about to set out on.

I'll be wanting to know about books, tanks, breeding, what I should and shouldn't be looking for, etc, etc.

There seems to be a bit of conflicting information around the intraweb, so I thought it best to track down those with their finger more on pulse -> you guys and girls.

I look forward to having my cup filled by everyone here.


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Hi Bettarazzi, good to be here.

Wasn't kidding about being bitten. The wife went out to get dinner tonight and is bringing home a new three partitioned tank for the boys! We'll be asking for advice as we go.

Speak soon

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