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tetras missing eyes?


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We have a community tank

planted plenty of hiding spots has ghost knife,female fighters, neon Tetras and hockeystick Tetras in it and some bristlenose.

anyway we've had one or two Tetras who are missing an eye.

weve also had a hockey stick who wound up

dead missing both of his.

tried to take some photoes a bit hard since there so fast and shiny.

IMAG0192_zps4ae88385.jpg tetra on right is missing an eye

IMAG0195_zps63d96974.jpgSame tetra swimming along

anyway any idea what fish is doing this my partner is convinced its the ghost knife and wants to get rid of it but there so fun to have :(

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My Black Ghost Knife simply loves to rest inside a lamp chimney which is his favourite place. The strangest of all is that it won't eat anything else other than daphnia flakes and for some reason it kills Angelfish. I tried keeping it in my community tank but it seemed to simply pull out the eyes of my Angels.

copy pasted from http://www.aquahobby.com/gallery/e_Black_Ghost_Knife_Fish_Apteronotus_albifrons_2.php


Not sure why. He is the biggest fish killer in my tank if under fed. He has already killed two large adult haps which are around 17 cm. This was when he was around 15 cm long. He plucked out the eyes and ate them.

If they nom nom angel eyes for dinner i guess tetra eyes would be a tasty snack too. :blink: :blink:

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creepers eating my fish eyes I assumed their

mouths would be too big and my Tetras too fast

not to mention they hang in different parts of my tank

guess the ghost knife needs to move but I don't plan on getting rid of it I love thier erratic swimming way to much

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After dark things get spooky and the ghosts use fancy electronics while the once fast tetras are now asleep.

One tetra to another..."how did that happen?"......other tetra..."no eye dear!" :giggle:

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My ghost knife:


Estimate 30cm+. I had 22 Tetra (2.5 - 4cm) when I added him, I still have 22 Tetra, a much, much smaller Elephant Nose and 6 small Clown Loaches. I hand feed him silverfish and whitebait 2-3x the size of the fish he's living with. Obviously, he is a model citizen and doesn't bother anyone.

That said, some Ghost Knife will attack other fish, but I'd be leaning more towards a nasty female fighter doing it. I have witnessed more than one take eyes out of other fish.

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