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Hi new here

White Wolf

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Hi, I'm Ali I live in Brisbane and for now I am the proud owner of Snudge a male betta. I say for now, because since researching these colourful little fish, I have seen ones that if it wasn't for my hubby saying "NO" I would have at least 10 if not more lol.

For now he is living/swimming in a small betta cube, however I have today been out and bought a 20 L aquarium and tomorrow am going to start setting it up and fitting it out with plants and stuff.

Well that's about it for now, will post some pics of Snudge when he has moved into his new home B-)/> Ohh I'm pretty sure he is a veil tail :unsure:/>

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We take time to think ofna reply sometimes

welcome to the forum enjoy looking at all the lovely fish on here. Hope snudge enjoys his new home and you talk the hubby around to getting him a friend or ten ;)

Since your in Brisbane look into fish chick for super good bettas and guppies or you have the Betta Australia group which is good if you can get along to there meetings imnsire you'll meet some lovely people

good luck with your fish keeping

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