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Hello, fish obsessed business/vis design student from Melbourne here. I have 3 tanks set up; a guppy tank, community tank (female guppies that are about to explode, betta, fry that manage to hide from the betta and tetras) and a betta tank. I would love to have more tanks and thus fish, I'd also love to begin to properly breed fish (I'm just letting the livebearers do what they do without interference) but for the moment I am not at a capacity to do any of that so I am stuck living through everyone else's breeding adventures. I'm really keen on learning more about these guys that I adore, reading all the breeding stories and discovering more about the whole aus betta community. =)

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Youre in the right place then and in for a treat

if you didn't do so last weekend venture down to the next Vic Betta meet in June

To meet some fellow fish fanatics and some pretty bettas

there's also the EDAS auction coming up incase you wanted to get some plants/equipment/food/fish

(i read Melbourne and u wad like yes local fish fan)

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Welcome to the forum

If you are interested in fish then Exotic Aquariums or Coburg Aquariums in Melbourne is the way to go

If you would also want the bible of all bibles on fish breeding i strongly recommend you get Brian Andrew's book Ornamental Fish Farming.

Just google it.. :)

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