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Hi everyone


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I've been keeping various different fish from guppy to fancy pleco for years, but currently only breeding shrimps.

Due to moving into a small apartment from house, I need to downsize my tank and betta caught my attention mainly from their colouring also small space requirement.

I am looking to get an affordable fish with nice colouration if possible also meet some hobbyist to learn more about it.

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there is a victorian betta club that meets in clifton hill (melbourne) every 3 months roughly. Ness is in charge of it but hopefully they will have a meeting soonish. in which case i hear its a fantastic place to meet other local betta enthusiasts. any idea what color or type of betta you are after theres plenty around. :)

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I am not familiar with the colour name, but i've been spending few hours on aquabid before and like the fish that has a contrast colour like below. The fish below maybe a show fish with good shape and etc... but i am after the coloration as i dont know about the shape yet.

Does this fish will do well inside an apartment in melbourne without any heating/cooling? I already have 5, 1liter jar for these fish and planning to have 4 of them and use another jar to hold water so i can do a quarter to half water change every now and then with aged water.

I am affraid one day i end up with betta barrack in a small apartment :dontknow:

Its good to know there is a meeting every 3 month in clifton hill, How can i get the information about the meetup?


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Victorian Betta has a website

alternatively hassle ness (melbournebetta on here) cause she organises it i believe

also on the Victoria Betta website it has a brief intro to tail types and colours

all the fish you posted were pretty accurately described both type and colour wise

I'm a fan of plakats even though they are more aggressive their colours just seem to be so much more wow.

(in fact that marroon/white dumbo you posted we have an almost identically coloured Halfmoon plakat)

as for tanks/storage since bettas are from more tropical regions (thailand) they do much better in warmer water (around 24 roughly) so for melbourne weather especially winter you may need to consider heating

also for permanent homes they may need larger than 1L

in the short term they can stay in them but they are much happier in larger tanks (at least a few L)

it may be easier and happier for the fish to consider dividing a tank up so each fish has a larger quantity of water that is filtered and heated more regularly than just by the water change

sorry for the long reply

There's plenty of help available on this forum

and good luck with your fish :)

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