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Using Beef Heart


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On Youtube I came across a series of videos from a Canadian hobbyist (EliteBetta I think). She recommends using beef heart from about week 4 onwards, and also for older fish.

She liquifies it in a blender, and adds various vitamins, minerals and garlic. Then freezes it thinly in freezer bags. The fish certainly seemed to take it enthusiastically from watching her vids.

I'm wondering if this something our more experienced members could comment on. Is it worthwhile?




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Hi Geoff

I have a big problem with using beef heart. It was all the rage when i was seventeen ( 34 years ago ) I used to feed my Oscars and VTs on it. No matter how lean I tried to make the scraped ox heart it still would give me protein scum and pollute the water quickly. I also would like you to consider when the last time you heard of a 10 cm fish dragging down a cow and eating its heart out ( Funny visual ) but I realy dont think it is on the menu. When I was researching into diets for my fish I came across articles that explained against these types of ingredients because of the types of fats they contain., fats can accumulate around a fish liver just like a humans and it can be just as detrimental.

I would encourage people if they are not going to use a balanced preprepared food to look toward a more natural diet that would be found in a fresh water aquatic invironment.

I have replied to your PM on my feeding protocol and the other questions.



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Totally agree with Les

Fish should NOT be feed animal protein

They aren't designed to process it

Lots of great foods available these days that weren't around 34 years ago ;)

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I really like using some of the frozen foods, AI do a range including infusoria, baby brine shrimp and daphnia....

if you can't get a hold of live foods (always best) the frozen foods have very little nutrition loss.

Beefheart is pretty fatty and not naturally occurring (nor is BBS mind you)

personally I like Microworms for the first little while, then up to BBS, then BW and adult BS as soon as possible - accelerate them into the next "stages" of food and keep water quality up and you'll have exceptional growth.


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