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Hi all

I live in Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW. I have just gotten into keeping Bettas and Guppies after inheriting 6 male Bettas and a tank full of Fancy Guppies. It’s like an instant addiction. Since getting the fish I can’t stop searching Youtube to find out better ways to take care of these awesome little pets. I have since increased my school with 2 female Betta and 6 Blue Diamond Guppies. The relaxation I have from watching these beautiful fish is unbelievable and I’m falling deeper and deeper for this hobby every day.

I’m currently running 8 tanks(3ft,3x2ft and 3x1ft) and I’m working on a community tank project.

I think my wife and kids think that I’ve hit a midlife crisis early and say “Oh no, instead of an old cat lady with a house full of cats, you’re going to be the guppy man” with a house full of tanks and fish.

I still have heaps of questions regarding the care of these remarkable fish and figured what better way of learning that to join like-minded enthusiasts. I look forward to chatting with some of you through the forum.


The Guppy Man

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It's true.

We won't help.

No, we will, but we wont.

Tell your wife that the alternative is heroin, that shifts perspective & usually works.

We will help with fishy things, we like those things, and generally as a rule, fishy people are a bit of alright too.

I've just "downsized" from 300 litres between 12+ tanks, down to 150 litres in one tank.


There's something sort of magic (once you get hooked) about the fish gig.

Let me suggest greedily that you get a photobucket account, and use it to link and share photos.

We like photos.

We're pervs.


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