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New betta breeder

Big azza

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Hi everyone my name is Aaron and I would like to start breeding bettas.i am new to all this but have done a lot of research on the net I'm just wondering if there are any other betta breeders on here so we can exchange advise and maybe even stock

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Where abouts are you Azza?

Best place to start is by clicking through people's spawn logs, they generally tell you everything they're thinking and doing.

And alllllll the mistakes and hot tips are in there too.

Any of my spawn logs in my signature will be testament to the learning curve that is Betta breeding - it's ace.

My primary advice:


then breed, you MIGHT get an amazing fry out of the lot.


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Yeah I can understand what you are saying.in the long run it would work out a lot better I was going to try and spawn a male ct and a female vt well I think that is what she is if I did that would all the fry turn out to be vt do you know at all thanks

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