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Hello, Altona Meadows Here


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Hey all, thought i would join up, after a recommendation for an importer i met in sydney today.

I currently live in Altona Meadows, recent move from Camberwell in victoria.

I currently have 2 tanks set up with betta's and doing a third a bit later tonight i think.

I have successfully bred veil tails a few times, with some very happy outcomes. Currently going to try my luck with a few half moons along with double tails.

I have a 2.5ft community tank which has one male, 3 female betta's and a few neon tetra's and a couple of pengiun tetras. A 1.5ft Tank which has a glass divider which i use for breedeing. And recently got a larger tank (not sure dimensions) which is able to be divided into 12 sections, which im planning to store alot more betta's in.

I hope this introduction is helpful for anything. Will always be selling any good bettas i breed or come across, as im hoping to get some good pairs to sell on to other people around this area.

Any questions just ask, im no expert, but i feel i know enough to be rather helpful at times.

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Hey James,

Welcome to the party - sounds like you've had some success, that's great! We're nosy buggers, so set up a photobucket account and link pics so we can perve.

I work at a local fish store (Richmond, Subscape) We've got some shiny Halfmoons in that I'm trying not to buy... I might hit the boss up for some HM females too.

Anyways, welcome - always great to have more breeders around, so I don't feel so bad about taking a break.

Check out the Vic betta shows and ASV too (links in my signature)


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