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Wild splendens with submerged bubble nest


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I can't prove it, as it's in one of my tubs, so I can't take a photo of it. But I'm 100% convinced that one of my Smaragdina boys has a submerged bubble nest.

Last water change I put an extra ~3cm of water in to the tub. This covered one piece of driftwood, by about 2cm, that has a cave like structure under the top branch part of it. One of the males is fully coloured up and defending the submerged cave.

I doubt most people will be able to tell much from a photo. The piece of driftwood is covered in subwassertang and has a couple of Java fern leaves over the top of it. I have a short video to down load, so will post it up later.

The male is sitting about centre of the photo, with his nose appearing to touch a Java fern leaf.


Video added.


As for the sex change. Well I thought my Mahachaiensis tub had all boys in it (I have the only female in another tub inside). Today I found a large bubble nest full of eggs in the tub and the largest male defending it. So one of the smaller males is obviously a female. I accidentally disturbed the nest a little and freed some eggs from the nest, and watched the male frantically collect the few that floated free.


So it appears all my bettas in tubs were busy this morning, spawning. Four spawns in one day. :D/>

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The attraction is that I can keep them outside, sit on an old milk crate and watch my fish like I'm looking in a pond. Except in Autumn and Winter I can bring them inside when it becomes to cool.

Plus they're cheaper and easier to clean than tanks.

Oh, and I'm not allowed any more tanks until I buy a house.

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