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new fish !


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hey all would love to hear some feed back on these.

fish 1 MALE

steel - would love to know what colour females to breed him with to keep the silver colour in his offspring.

and i think his half moon unsure ?



fish 2 MALE

double tail pk-

not sure if he classes as dragon tho?

white and red - would love to try and get his offspring to give whites any suggestions?


fish 3 MALE

was sold to me as young female but turned out to be a male.

not sure on his tail type or what to call his coloring.

would love to keep the colour in his offspring any suggestions ?



see post below for females..

would love suggestions on what females to put with males from this lot and all comments on fish themselves would be welcome.

regards De

fish 4 female


fish 5 female


fish 6 female ( bad pic she is a rusty red colour )


fish 7 female


thanks again in advance for all comments and suggestions.

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number 3 male is a celofane and i think hes a plakat but his tail is quite odd to tell u the truth i wouldnt breed him with any of those females i would go for the more expensive and get a platinum white female but thats just what i think dont breed that doubletail plakat with an y of them and im being serious but thats just if u want his colours

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hey plakathunter thanks for the input - yeah i was thinking about doings

silver half moon with metallic copper female

the DT PK with a red dragon or white dragon female ( if i can find one or 20 lol )

and the celo with the short tail i had no idea but love the iridescence he has so ill try to find a white female as you suggest.

thanks for the thoughts tho big help

Regards De

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