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Hi its KatuwaToy :)


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I have started with 3 betta fish, 1 male cellophane crowntail, one cellophane female veil and one red female veil.

I wish to start breeding and collecting different types of betta, ones im currently into include:

crowntails, rosetails, halfmoons, full moons, half suns, full suns, Dragons, long finned plakats, elephant ear HMS and full moons, Elephant ear Super deltas, Elephant ear half suns and full suns and last but not least, Double tail HM/fullmoons, Double tail Super deltas and Double Tail Half sun / Full sun.


I currently live in Sydney

Kind Regards From KatuwaToy

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hello katuwaToy

so what your saying basically is you want one or more of ever betta type but veils yeah

you sound just like me

but i wouldn't mind getting some giants one day 2

anyways maybe we should swap stories sometime

seems as your looking for the same types as me

if you find any great ones maybe we can share where we find them ?

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