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Keeping CRS healthy - what have you learned?


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As I mentioned in another post, I am hoping to set up a new CRS tank. When I first kept them about 5 years ago they were still quite new on the scene in Aus and we were all still learning how to keep them healthy and happy. What has everyone learned since then?...because I have been out of touch. What tips, tricks, do's and dont's have you figured out when it comes to taking good care of CRS and breeding them successfully?

Thank you :)

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Water Temperature: 17-24 degrees celsius

pH Level: 6.6-7.6

General Hardness: Soft-Moderate

Reproduction: After mating the female carries her eggs underher tail. The young disperse when they are fully developed.

Feeding: Omnivorous and Herbivorous (grazes on algae). Willscavenge on most fish foods.

Ideal for nano tanks and planted tanks (ensurefish tankmates are of similar small size). Please note: avoid the use of copperbased treatments if invertebrates are present in the tank.

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I think the main "do" is to keep the water stable, If you have it going from 24c to 28c back to 24c at night your probably going to have problems. Talking about temperature, this is a main factor in keeping shrimp. Many people, have many shrimp die off due to the warm weather (as already stated shrimp prefer a temperature of around 24). I once had a tank with some crystal red shrimp and the PH was 7.5, they bred and lived in their fine so this proves stable water helps them a little :D But I think ADA soil or some of the shrimp related soils are a good investment, but that just goes off my personal opinion as I haven`t had any problems with it and the shrimp seem to love it.

One more thing that I reckon has helped my shrimp breed and keep healthy was the addition of Indian Almond Leaves or Banana leaves. Add a few of them in every few weeks and they`ll (the shrimp and shrimplets) will always have something to chow down.

Hope this helps a little, Dan.

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