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  1. I think it's tricky to keep any delicate aquatic life in an area that has Fluoride in the water, along with all of its toxic friends. I'm sure that's why my fish suffer quite obviously if I use Sydney tap water, no mattter how well conditioned, because nothing takes the Fluoride(++) out of it. It's arrogant medical insanity to force-medicate/poison the entire population, plus all of our forna and flora, with these non-nutritive toxins. DANG I got myself started <_</>. ANYWAY...I use a blend of filtered+conditioned water and rain water with minerals added, and that works very well. Bottom line, I am experienced and not too concerned about the basics of setting up a tank, but am interested in any variables relevant to shrimp that I could have overlooked. Thanks :)/>
  2. It will be about 85 litres. I have not decided on filtration yet as that is something I will be choosing and setting up from scratch. Any recommendations? Whether I get adults or youngsters will depend heavily on what's available and the price of both options. I am open to either. :)
  3. Hi As I mentioned in another post, I am hoping to set up a new CRS tank. When I first kept them about 5 years ago they were still quite new on the scene in Aus and we were all still learning how to keep them healthy and happy. What has everyone learned since then?...because I have been out of touch. What tips, tricks, do's and dont's have you figured out when it comes to taking good care of CRS and breeding them successfully? Thank you :)
  4. Hi I am thinking of getting back into CRS as I miss them after dabbling a few years back. What do you think is the optimum number of CRS to start a breeding population with? That is, the 'sweet spot' which minimises the cost of getting started though still forms a decent foundation for a breeding population. Thanks :)
  5. This thread reminds me of a related one from a while back that mentioned European versus Australian/Asian Guppies : http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=11729&st=0&p=126906&#entry126906 I have seen some Guppies with tails at least as large as those (actually larger, more halfmoon, and with longer dorsal fins) but only on regular sized Guppies. Oh, and only in Europe, never in Australia. :(
  6. My question was "where to get it in Australia"..."or nearby". So clearly I want to buy it from Australia but if I cannot am willing to buy it elsewhere. It's 'urgent' because if I cannot get it in Australia then it will take time to get from elsewhere so I need to order it quickly. As it happens I have found an Australian supplier - no vet, no prescription, just advertised by a local distributor - but the price is a rip off, at 4 x elsewhere.
  7. In trouble? Why? It's not illegal to purchase common veterinary medications from overseas in normal 'personal use' amounts, is it? There are brand name fish med products with this ingredient. Plus if it's available from vets and doctors here then it's definitely not on a 'banned for import' list, right?
  8. Hi I urgently need some Flubendazole, or a Flubendazole-based brand name medication, to treat my fish. Where can I get it in Australia, or by mail order from nearby countries? Thanks!
  9. Hi Ages ago I read a discussion about whether Betta breeding / bubble nest building is affected by the phase of the moon, in the same way that the breeding cycles of many creatures are affected by the moon. e.g. Bettas breed more readily at the new moon, or some such thing. But I can't recall the conclusion! Does anyone here know whether this is true, and if so, which moon phase is optimal for attempting a pairing? Thanks Finley
  10. Hi I find that this forum never remembers me, even though I tick the 'Remember me' checkbox each time I log in. It won't ever log me in automatically, no matter which way I enter, whereas I find that most other forums do. Is there anything I can do at my end to make this work? Many thanks, Finley ;)
  11. Oh it's the real stuff! Collected from the ocean shore, up the coast a bit, north of Sydney. I was previously using artificial salts from the LFS to add hardness to rainwater. From now on I'm sticking to the real thing, even in mid-Winter. There are always surfer kids around who I can ask to get wet on my behalf - to fill up my bottles! ;)
  12. Hi I've just had an interesting thing happen that I thought I'd share. I have one particular Betta whose tail got eaten away by 50% and never grew back. He never got really overtly sick and never had red edges - just this eaten away, miserable look. He's been in 'rain water + aquarium salt + tea extract', which my other Bettas are fine in, just not him. Then I tried something... Next water change I used 'rainwater + 8% seawater + tea extract'. He's turned around. His colour is awesome and his tail is recovering! Of course it could be something else that I haven't thought of, or because Spring has sprung and he's in an outdoor tank so he's generally happier ... but maybe it's the full spectrum of natural minerals in seawater, rather than artificial aquarium salts, that's done the trick. So it may be worth trying a 'rainwater + seawater' mix if you are having trouble with fin rot. Finley
  13. Yes, I found one literally attached to a Guppy and being dragged around the tank - it had already swallowed its tail but couldn't get the rest of the poor creature in its mouth! Once I'd got them separated the Guppy died from shock. Such was my first (in)experience with Gardneri. The litte *bleeps*! Yes, I still have them :eek:
  14. They are also RESILIENT. I got a pair about 12 months ago, and they were such aggressive little buggers - chewing on anything with so much as a hint of fin showing - that I had to separate them into a small tank on their own. I never got around to moving or selling them, so they over-wintered outdoors in coastal Sydney in a small unheated tank. I wouldn't recommend that as normal practice, but just to let you know that they are tough cookies!
  15. Hi guys What's the latest news on aquarium heaters, if any?!...because I need a new one, about 100W. Ideally I want a model which will maintain temperature in the narrowest possible band, e.g. 0.5C or less. Cheap too, of course! What are my best bets? Thanks
  16. Hi Being into all the natural stuff I've tended to feed my fish mostly whole foods (live and frozen worms), plus the most naturally formulated dried products I can find. This hasn't given me fabulous growth though. I assumed my tanks weren't large enough for really great growth, or it was because I grow my spawns on as a community for a long time - I don't jar them. But lately a combination of import bans on my preferred dried foods and a spate of fishkeeper laziness lead me to feed TetraMin Tropical Granules to my adolescent spawn for a couple of weeks straight - and I can't believe the growth I've had. Fin development in the males has really taken off, and their bodies are filled out and strong. So, despite the soy in the ingedients (aargh! yech!), TetraMin seems to do the job splendidly for Bettas. So just thought I'd share. (Oddly, my Cardinal Tetras won't eat it! Go figure.) Finley
  17. Hi I had a strange spawn; it produced some gorgeous full size Bettas plus a suprising number of tiny tiddlers. Now at 4 months old the smallest is only 1.2cm long! Many others are around 2.5cm. Crazy! (I have a later spawn that's half the age but already double the size of some of these guys!) So, what to do with them? I am running out of room, I'm not sure that I can really sell them, and I don't want to kill them for no good reason. What do you do with your under-sized cuties? (BTW, they are a Lavender line: Thai import HMPK dad + HMDT mum, who spawned Lavenders, Cambodians and a kind of 'blue over red', in single and double tail. Nice, just tiny!) Fin. :)
  18. The Longlife product is the exact same model as the one made by Hobby currently. I have one. Secondhand of course (not paying $$$!). I really like it and it works - just a bit small so I could do with a second one. I went looking for the Longlife one on eBay and found an expired listing... It said "Check out these similar items by all sellers on eBay" ... which lead me to "VINTAGE 80s SPORT FIT DEAD STOCK RETRO TENNIS SHORTS". OoooooooKaaaay! If any dead people have Brineshrimp hatching in their old shorts, I don't want to know! Interesting method though. (Just thought I'd share ) Fin.
  19. Thanks! Right, so dense strappy weed with very little water it is then! Cool.
  20. Hi I need to replace my old Visi-Therm heater a.s.a.p. because its thermostatic control has become very poor - way too much swing. Which heaters currently on the Australian market are good - i.e. precise stable temperature, safe, reliable, etc? Which are dodgy - i.e. crack, overheat, fail, etc? Are Orca any good? Thanks, Finley
  21. I read differently, such as here: http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtop...art=#entry22185 What is a Water Banana? I haven't heard about those. Thai breeders just seem to refer to Banana plants growing on their land, without specifying. I didn't notice anything about them being a different type, though I know that even regular Banana plant species have different medicinal properties. Do we have an actual Thai breeder among our members on AusAqua who could perhaps clarify? Like what exactly do they believe Banana leaves do/don't do, and would they expect Australian 'Land Banana' leaves to work the same way? :)
  22. Hi I have a 14" tank sitting around doing nothing, that I plan to house CRS in. Water depth is just 6". I need an economical lighting fixture that will support the growth of plants and CRS, without heating up the water. Any suggestions please? Thanks :)
  23. Acriflavin is available in Australia in some liquid fish medications for other conditions, but only at around 2%. I don't know how that compares with dosing direct with the powder. Be careful though, as rumour has it that Acriflavin can produce infertility in fish; I have no idea at what dose, or if the rumour is founded in fact. There's not yet been mention of banana leaves here... These are readily available in most parts of Australia so are a very good option if they are effective. Does anyone have experience of using them for fin rot or fin melt, successfully or unsuccessfully?
  24. Turns out there were no babies from this spawn. Strangely, another pair spawned the following day and also had zero progeny. Must be something I did / the water / something else. I will try again at the full moon! Biodynamic Bettas Finley
  25. Hi Sydney has had a bit of a heatwave lately - 32C-40C for the last 9 days or so. One of my Betta pairs spawned the other day during stormy weather, but I suspect that the eggs are not viable. I could be wrong and may be speaking too soon, but it really looks to me that not much, if anything, will come out of this spawning. Could it be the heat? Their water temp this morning is 30C and will rise further through the afternoon. At what temperature do spawns begin to fail? I figure that Thailand often gets heat like this, but still... Thanks, Finley
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