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Hi from Canberra


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Hey everyone,

I'm Rodger (surprise lol), and I've just set up my first aquarium, though we had a 3' amazon community tank when I was younger. My new aquarium is a 50L species tank with corydoras trilineatus (aka julii), plus one bristlenose lol

My sister is also just getting into bettas, just got her first one yesterday, in a 9L heated/filtered tank. Possibly looking at getting into breeding them for fun too.

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Welcome to the forum! I know a few people keep cories on here, tank looks awesome too :D

Keep the pics coming, we all love to see them and look around, read some threads with people's experience. Lots of stuff about betta on here and lots of knowledgable people too :D


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Hi, thanks! I think it's "silver sand" (which I guess is just a nice fine quartz sand) from Jem Aquatics in Belco, tho we got it years ago for our last amazon tank, so I can't be sure. The corys sure do love it tho, the entire surface was 'coryified' and dimpled shortly after they were introduced lol

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