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Yes I am a certified Bryophile ( Moss Lover ) I have had a few Moss for a while now but had the chance to get some different kinds at the ANGFA plant swap on tuesday night along with some very nice NON moss plants.

My moss collection now comprises of the following

Christmas Moss -

Peacock Moss

Flame Moss

Willow Moss

Spiky Moss

Stringy Moss and of course the moss that most of us start off with

Java Moss

What types of moss do you have and how do you display them??



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I think I have more than a basketball worth of java moss in all my wild betta tanks. Pulled about a large softball sized clump out of one 20L tank yesterday *lol*

Mixed in with my java (I know bad moss keeper) is Taiwan, peacock and christmas moss. I also have this moss that Wolfgang from EA gave me and said he had collected from somewhere in QLD? I think.

I just let mine grow under natural/ambient lighting and it thrives. The moss in all my wild betta tanks is so lush and green. I love how low maintenance java moss is. I think it could grow in complete darkness.

I am a confessed java moss hoarder but it is such a great plant and so EASY.

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@ Wild nut

Hey Ashlea

I love the pics of your tanks they always look so natural and healthy. I havent found any Tiawan Moss hear in Perth but I have seen it used to great effect in some aquascapes.

@ Busman

Hey Paul

I have seen pics of your tanks and you definatly have a green thumb. I think maby if you just tried plain old water in a large coffee jar and just leave the moss in a well let room but not in direct sunlight it will grow like a weed. I find flame moss the easyist moss to grow maby try that one just for a change.



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