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Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (Micro Sword)

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Hey guys,

I am really struggling with my Micro sword at the moment, I have tried cutting it right back, creating a current that will reduce algae, use liquid ferts and fert tabs.

But Nothing is working.

I have done allot of reading but the information online is very conflicting.

I have read that there are two types of micro sword, one that is a fast growing in all conditions plant and though other which prefers stronger light and partly shaded.

I have a chunk of driftwood that partially blocks the light and the micro is greener in that area then all other areas.

I am frustrated as all other plants in the tank are growing like crazy and look really really healthy but the micro sword is looking really bad at the moment.

Any constructive help around this would be great thanks.


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Yeah so did i, it was a painful task but i wanted the best results. It's just not picking up. I think i have the wrong type of micro sword and i should have the Brazilian micro sword. Both look the same but have different care requirements.

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