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Had some fun the past few weeks changing tanks around..

This was my 4ft shortly after planting, a little over a year ago.


It had grown in beautifully for the most part, Crypts proving inedible to even the most determined of Shubunkins.


This is the same tank today. Background painted matte black, Shubbies and Driftwoods/Anubias have been removed to their new 3ft digs. Original dozen or so Crypts have become a bonafide jungle, and form a nice bushy background to the new additions; Red Lotus, Broadleaf Mini-Swords, Amazon Swords, Curly Vals and unidentified spikey-thing.

New Community Stocklist -

3 x Pearl Gourami

7 x Odessa Barb

8 x Kuhli Loach

5 x Otocinclus Catfish

12+ x Endler's Livebearer

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