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My community tank.


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hi i live on the nth coast of nsw and have 2 freshwater tanks, a 6 foot and a 4 foot tank with mainly catfish in them.

I have Plecs, Hoplo's, bristleose, whiptail, clown loaches, glass catfish, neons, knifefish, featherfin, pictus, silver dollars, goramis, silver shark, angel, mystus.

Im looking for a fish website i can be a regular member and share information with other fish lovers. I also have a outside pond with a Bass and a few Cod in it.

Im always looking for help and other opinions about my tanks/pond.

You know inside a internal filter how there is a little black bit of plastic or rubber on both sides of the fan (which cushions it as it spins)? can these be bought seperate? One of mine just broke and im wondering if i'll have to buy a new filter or fan or if i can just get these little bits?

Im not sure how to insert photos, i tried to and it came up "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board."

Anyone else live around my area?

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That is one large community tank,

As for the parts you can usually go to the manufactures website and order them there. I did it this way I just shot them an email and they sent it out in the post :o)

Hope this helps,


P.S welcome to the forum :o)

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