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Now I Understand


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The worlds slowest growing spawn I have going on which probably should all be adults by now but they're not, had....yes HAD the most beautiful pure white juvie. No other colours apart from a very light sheen of royal irids. I would sit and watch it (I think her) for ages thinking how beautiful she was with her pure white, nothing to distract from it apart from an occasional appealing flash of blue.

Then I get home from work yesterday and sit down to watch my lovely white fish. (She is jarred so I can keep watching to see if she would stay that colour) I look at all the fish, saving my favourite for last....But hang on.....Maybe somehow the containers were moved around and she is now in one of the other spots??? No, the other 2 look quite similar to how they did before, as does my lovely white girl. Apart from all the dark red bits turning up everywhere. A few streaks in the anal fin, the ends of the ventrals, a little in the tail, a little around the gills :( No more lovely white fishy :( :( :(

On the upside, can't wait to see what she'll turn into next but so disappointed to have lost my white one. The other one that was smaller and all white as well has either been sacrificed and eaten by one of the bigger ones or has also changed colour.

I will try to get some pics over the weekend and add them to the spawn log.

This is what he/she looked like a week ago, please excuse the flash in the middle of the fish :)


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