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Hey everyone,

I have been reading up about RO water as my tap water pH is over 7.0 . So I purchased some RO water from LFS but upon further reading I found that people are suggesting additives to the water because of RO water not having the nutrients fish need?

Do I add a additive ? & what kind?

Would I be better off mixing 50% RO & 50% tap water?

I also have a betta pH buffer powder but the instructions aren't really clear on when and how often I should use it. It just says a certain tbsp treats 20L. Just wondering if anyone can help me clear a few of these questions for me!!



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Melbourne tap water is already pretty soft....

50/50 would work for just about any species.....here in Brisbane it's more like 10% tap 90% RO

Personally I don't believe in "buffers".....as such

might be relavent for Rift lake cichlids.....but not soft water fish

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