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male Dwarf Gourami acting nursemaid


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Hi All,

Well the last week or so my Male dwarf Gourami has been trying to buid a nest in the floating plants which is fine except, there are no female gouramis in the Tank.

So today when I started my water change and clean out popped 2 baby platies...shock horror ...because I was told the 7 platies I bought were male...

Anyway Bully (Gourami) is nursemaiding them chasing the other fish away from the nest he has made for them.

With the Platies I thought I had 4 really big fat males.. now it seems like they might be females all pregnant.

I will have to wait and see I suppose, I can't even move the babies into the QT as I have new clowns in there at the moment.

Regards jade:blink:

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Hey Jade-

Sexing platies is really easy, it's all to do with the fin at the bottom of the fish. Males have a gonopodium which is pointed and females just have a normal fin- look at the bottom fin of each fish for a while and you'll start to notice the difference- a quick google is helpful too :)

That's funny that the gourami is looking after them at his nest :P he's always wanted to be a dad! Haha

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