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  1. Hi afr3178 I thought I had looked and agreed that they were male but, obviously I didn't look hard enough...lol.. Bully is still guarding against all comers the ones that are left, but I think by morning they will all have been made into fishy snacks sad to say. Regards jade
  2. Hi All, Well the last week or so my Male dwarf Gourami has been trying to buid a nest in the floating plants which is fine except, there are no female gouramis in the Tank. So today when I started my water change and clean out popped 2 baby platies...shock horror ...because I was told the 7 platies I bought were male... Anyway Bully (Gourami) is nursemaiding them chasing the other fish away from the nest he has made for them. With the Platies I thought I had 4 really big fat males.. now it seems like they might be females all pregnant. I will have to wait and see I suppose, I can't even m
  3. Hi 6fyaquaman, For the first month I do daily checks and partials every 2/3 days so I am hoping this will keep it all under control.... But, you know what they say..the plans of mice and men.. My Phone is crappy but takes reasonable photos, go figure . Regards Jade.
  4. Hi 6ftaquaman and SiameseFightingFist, Firstly: 6ftaquaman, I have brought some more fish.... 3 NG Rainbow Fish, 4 Black and Gold Platy's .... I have to stop this it's becoming an addiction...Lol. No worries and thank you SiameseFighting Fist, have had assistance from Pyrefly so I shouldn't have any more problems...hahha. Regards Jade EDIT: Here is a photo of the Tank now for the moment... IMG279 (640x480) by jade2022, on Flickr
  5. Hi 6ftaquaman, Thank you, at the moment the Rams are mixing in very well no aggression so far fingers crossed that it stays that way. Friday or Saturday I am going to a new store to see what schoolers I can find. I really want something colourful as my Tank is predominately silver or silver hued. I havve sold the new 66 litre Tank so I will have a few more dollars to spend Lol.. Regards Jade
  6. Hi 6ftaquaman, Thank you for your help and advice. I have moved more than half the Gravel and all the Plants and filter material. I did a check today: Ph = 7.2 Amm = 0 Nitrites = 0 Nitrates = 5.0pmm So I did a 20% WC and all is well. I have moved my fish over.... I know should have waited a bit longer but you know how it is...... Anyway, I brought a pr of Blue Rams they are beautiful and so far everyone is getting on splendidly. By the way, the 2 sharks and the 2 Flying Foxes are schooling around together. Here is an update Photo of the Tank at this Stage. Regards Jade:cheer:
  7. Hi 6ftaquaman, I googled but not sure about them yet. I have been thinking along these lines today see what you think: Already have: 2 Dwarf Gouramis 2 Bala Sharks 2 Bronze Catfish 2 Flying Foxes Thinking about adding: 1 Bala Shark 1 Dwarf Gourami 2 Bronze Catfish 6 Black Ruby Barbs (if I can get them in Tassie) or 6 5 Banded Barbs Opinions appreciated along with suggestions. Regards Jade Edit: I have moved most of the gravel and nearly all the plants along with the filter media into the new tank, that should help speed up things.. yes?
  8. Trial Run Wow, I did it finally, this is my guppy tank. Thank you everyone for your assistance Regards Jade I have changed it a bit since this was taken...
  9. Okay, I admit it I am a newbie on the computer I can't get it at all. I can't find the button that helps. I am blind and freaked out. Could some kind soul please give me step by step directions. Thank you Regards Jade:confused:
  10. Hi afr3178, I did try to post it from photobucket using the insert image icon and using the image code from photobucket and I couldn't get it to work. Regards Jade Hi afr3178, Thank you I tried again using the HTML code on photobucket. Regards Jade My link My link 2 My link 3 Well I hope this works Regards Jade
  11. Hi 6ftaquaman, No, I can't see it all I can see are the words Posted Image. Regards Jade
  12. Wow, I did do it....Lol NO I didn't. Can't work it out at all Regards Jade
  13. Hi SiameseFightingFist, Help I can't work out how to put the PHOTOS ON...... The photos are not to good as I have to use my little phone. Tge Guppy Tank was tank No 1. The Denuded Tank has the sharks and Gouramis. The other 2 are the New Tank. Hopefully I will learn how to take better photos soon. Regards Jade
  14. Hi 6ftaquaman, Thank you yes, I intend getting another shark, I'm not keen on the danios but Tetras probably. Do you have any suggestions on which ones and how many in a school please. I was thinking of trying the Ammonia cycling but not sure where to get the ammonia from. My other half reckons our lounge looks like a fish shop with the 3 tanks ...lol By the way the Tank's measurements are: Length = 117cm Width = 42cm Height = 47cm Regards Jade
  15. Hi All, Well I have done it.... I now have a 230litre Tank sitting in the Lounge, Da Da, Daaa. I have washed it out, filled it with water placed a small amount of used filter wool, noodles in it also, I have had to put plastic plants in for now (purse is now really skinny). It is the same type of tank, filter lights all in the hood. The only problem one of the tubes is not working, and the shop is not open until Monday. Also I hate the white light I want to get the same light as my little tanks which is cool daylight? Other half nearly freaked out when he saw the size of it..... Can't w
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