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I've been reading this forum for ages... just realised I still haven't said hello. So thought it was about time.

I set up my first tank a couple of months ago, with the help of this forum, though none of you knew. After much reading I settled on a 5 gal tank (do to size restrictions) and an eheim canister so i can stock it slightly on the fuller side of things.It's heavily planted hair grass, EB, HC, glosso, mirco swords, and a flame moss & mini bonsai tree.

Stock with a pair of endler's, pair of CBS shrimp, an otto, and a couple chili rasbora.

I've also done DIY lights and light fittings and CO2.

Everythings been running smoothly and the CBS and Endler's have me constantly ferrying new borns up to the tanks at work.

..And I have all of you and your wisdom to thank. Not just for a healthy tank but for the many hours of enjoyment it's given!

Cheers everyone!


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