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General Information on the Importation of Live Fish


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Unfortunately the people who desperately need to read this will not.

Still, it may help new members to understand the process.

Fish can ONLY be imported from the following countries:



Federated States of Micronesia


French Polynesia


Hong Kong




New Caledonia

New Zealand


Saudi Arabia




Solomon Islands

South Africa

Sri Lanka (excluding Carassius auratus auratus - Goldfish)


United States of America (USA)

It is almost impossible to get fish from the USA or Africa because of distance. Usually these fish are sent to Germany and are imported from Glaser.

Fish CANNOT be shipped directly to a customer via FedEx or Post. It must be imported through a Quarantine Approved Premises.

The list of allowable species can be found on the AQIS ICON database.

Some of the names have recently been updated (fantastic, more confusion for the supplier)


Keep this in mind if you visit Pet Link.

Someone advertising Electric Blue Cichlids as F1 from stock imported from Africa is laughable. And more fool you for believing it.

You cannot "import" live plants. Do not believe the websites.

HTH, someone

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I want to agree on your last point. Even if overseas site tells you 'Oh it's fine we can ship live plants straight to you', it's not okay.

I have seen a few auctions on ebay stating that they can send plants to Australia and that they have all the paperwork etc. in order. At best, people have gotten half-dead plants in misleading packaging. At worst they have been sprung by customs.

If in doubt ask somebody, and if really in doubt, don't do it. Not worth it IMO.

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@Alucard- yeah, I think she posted it to let people know that they can't just willy nilly import anything they want themselves and that it is against the law to import live stock without it being passed through a certified Quarantine premises- which someone has.

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