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New Halfmoons at Subscape


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Just thought I'd mention that there's a new shipment of halfmoons (pairs and single) in at Subscape Aquarium at the moment.

They'll do shipping at your risk and cost, this is just a quick vid as they were too hard to photograph.

Dumbo PK. PK. CT, VT, HM, Females etc.

Yee haw.

There's updates and stuff on the facebook page tooh: https://www.facebook.com/Subscapeaquarium

hey, what's the rules about posting this sort of stuff?

I love breaking the law first and then finding out what the rules are after.


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beautiful bettas. Looks like they are getting some good stock in.

Can I ask, has Subscape got any blackworms in at the moment? I asked around at Coburg yesterday and they hadn't had them for weeks or something. My wilds are spoiled and I want to get condition on some of my pairs to get them a-spawning.

Also, I just want to say I love Subscape's betta set-up. I think it is one of the best and most humane I have seen in an aquarium.

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SAF - yep, we were getting HAMMERED last weekend, it was weird.

Come and say hi next time, I'm terrible when I'm workin' like a dawg... I don't recognize people I just werk!

Ash: Yes - Blackworms are delivered on Thursdays, so you're best off getting them quickly, as they run out pretty quickly.

I'd call ahead about them before you come in too - as 'burg would have been experiencing there were some weird issues with the last few batches (same supplier) and we were without for a long while.

The supplier seems to have stabilised his stock now tho.

We're really happy with the barracks system, it's always been great to show people how to have multiple fighters, and refreshing to have retail fish in 5 litres each of filtered, cycled, heated heaven!

My fish are reaping the benefits of live food, I'm really noticing the difference in the fry... and as you can see the spawn logs are coming hard and fast now that everyone's conditioned.

Fish Mania!

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