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Hi all, :)

Been keeping large amounts of water for about 5 years now. We have got some fish in the water, but they are easy, just drop some food in now & then for them. It's the water that takes up most of our time. PH this, KH that, take some out, then put some back in, it never ends. :rolleyes:

We dont have any Bettas but love the look of them. Will more then likely be a bit of a lurker on the site, learning from you guys before we jump in with a couple.

That's about it for now, :)

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Hi, we like fish too.

Is it rude to just cut and paste from my last "hello" to a new member?

I don't care, I'm lazy - gunna do it anyway.

Hey SAF, Syno,

Don't know how literally you want to meet members, but we meet 4 times a year under the guise of the Victorian Betta Group

Details here:www.victoriabetta.com

Or our facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/victoriabetta

The next meet is this weekend (what timing!) you're welcome to come along as a guest - have a peek at the table show, talk to members about any quesitons you might have and watch/contribute to the info sessions (Q&A session)

Bla bla

spruke spruke

Welcome to the forum!

We aren't usually this intense... well I am, the others are genrally speaking, quite calm.


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Thanks for the welcome.

Copy n paste! why is life not like this? copy all the good & cut out the bad lol.

We have a marine tank & a community tropical tank. Not sure which is the hardest to look after, marine to start up, but as for general running, meh, take your pick.

Anyone seen the size of the power bills getting around in Melbourne! :(( We are all down sizing maybe?

Aquarium, chicken suit? I just cant find the link <_<

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