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I apologize if these have been covered before,

1: I have an aquatopia Poseidon 30L Tank, that came with a in tank filter. The pressure is too strong even on a min setting. I gently stuffed with cotton and either stops the flow or still to much. Any other recommendations?

2: can I have more than one female betta in a community tank?

3: what would people recommend to add in a community tank as far as fish to clean bottom of the tank etc?

4: I currently use API Quick Start; but I don't understand when it comes to adding new fish or water changes.

For example, if I start my new tank & add Quick Start and add 10 neon tetras and I then have to do for example a 50% water change for what ever reason. Would I have to add more quick start in the fresh water ?

Also, if add new fish do I then again have to add more quick start?

Just reading the instructions are not very clear and have confused me.

I apologize for such silly questions and I'd like to thank everyone for their help in advance.


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I would google fish-in/fishless cycling if this is a brand new tank set-up. You really need a cycled and established tank for sensitive species such as neon tetras. It is important that you understand the process of cycling before adding livestock as 9 times out of 10 it ends with dead fish due to ammonia/nitrite poisoning.

In a 30L tank, you are looking at possibly a school of pygmy corydoras. Plecos grow too big for anything under 60L in my opinion, and otocinclus are very sensitive and can easily starve unless you are able to transition them to other foods. Pygmy corydoras are very small but they do require a mature set-up as they too can be fairly sensitive. Also no fish 'cleans' the bottom. Corydoras will eat any food that your other fish miss, but you still need to do regular maintenance and water changes.

If you are putting the female into your 30L tank you really only have room for a sorority (a group of four or more females) or a single female and some small tankmates. If you only have two-three females you are going to see a lot of aggression directed towards the weaker fish, and if you have four or five, you are probably not going to have enough space or filtration to handle any additional fish.

I don't use API Quick Start. Is it a water conditioner or something to help cycle your tank? If it's water conditioner you add this every time you do a water change. If it's a biological supplement or something to help start your cycle I would chuck it in the bin. These products are usually a complete waste of money and can in some cases hinder your cycle by introducing the wrong kind of bacteria into your tank.

I usually just baffle my filters with a bit of filter sponge. There is some way you can use a plastic drink bottle to disperse the flow so try googling that and see what it comes up with.

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