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Hello from Sydney


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Hi everyone,

Just discovered this site and new to the forum.

I've always been a big betta fan and have kept a few over the years.

I currently have a male purple HM plakat in a community tank.

Unfortunately he's a bit of a sook and getting harrased by the local tetras and his fins have become torn :(


So I'm planning to set him up in his own tank soon.

Quick question to you guys....are there still the wild tye short fin plakats around?

I can only ever seem to find fancy HM plakats these days.

I used to have one a few years back that I picked up from the LFS he was my fav fish ever, was a handsome fella, dark thick body flecked with green and short dark red fins streaked with blue... can't seem to find any these days.

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Firstly welcome to the forum! Nice fish you have there, yes there are still traditional shortfin plakats around, contact Jim (jha) he has plenty at great prices or go to Monaco aquariums in Canley Vale they have a lot as well. You should really set him up on his own if he is getting harrased as the stress is no good for him.

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Hi Basejump,

I work in Auburn Aquarium and we've got quite a few plain plakats who came mixed in with the assorted girls and definitely have no room for them. So far I've pulled 5 out, everything from blue with red to turquoises, a blue with yellow wash, and I'm sure there will be more that haven't made themselves known yet. Some are a bit torn up but will regrow those fins quick smart. Welcome to the forum. :)

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