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Password Recovery Emails


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Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen :goodo: It has come to our attention that some pesky little elf has been going around to some members accounts and requesting a new password. This is an old tactic. Its been done before. It is not something that should effect the security of your account. What happens is that a random person attempts to sign in using somebody else's username and then hits the "forgotten your password" link. This then sends a password validation email to your email address. The only times you would have to be concerned is if your password had changed and you DID NOT recieve the standard validation email from the AAQ servers. AAQ admin DO NOT randomly change your passwords If you are concerned, please don't hesitate to email us at admin@ausaqua.net and we can check the email headers from your password validation email against those that come from our server. I'm sorry for the trouble guys. Just ignore it and get on with what is important :P

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