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Anyone tried betta & khuli loaches


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Hi guys,

I just managed to trace down the eel like little fellow my parents had in our aquarium when I was growing up as a khuli loach.

Does anyone know if khulie & bettas would be ok in the same 30 litre tank?

It's a bottom dweller & they seem to have the same ph 7 & the khulie is a scavenger so would eat any food that sinks to the bottom which I think sound very handy. It's also nocturnal so I wondering if that would disturb the betta?

Anyone who tried this combo?


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I was even considering trying khuli in a one male tank since they are so shy & it's a fairly deep 30 L tank but it looks like I'm getting a a different tank now so perhaps safest not to...

Have you ever tried it with a male betta?

Thanks for your input.

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